What is STREAM?

Science – Technology – Religion – Engineering – Arts – Mathematics

“STREAM”ing the way at DMCA

STREAM – the integration of science, technology, religion, engineering, the arts, and math education.

The DMCA curriculum is standards based and coordinated across the subject areas. Our instruction includes inquiry based and project based learning. Every teacher uses Cross-curricular projects.

Active student engagement in the learning process is evident throughout our academy. The DMCA classrooms are arranged in a manner conducive to active learning. Materials, labs, spaces, are available for classes to use.

At DMCA we use field trips, speakers, and programs to enhance the instruction and make connections to real world application of the curriculum.


Our students demonstrate an increased STREAM literacy. Students have an understanding of religious, scientific, artistic, technological, mathematical, and engineering concepts and processes for personal decision-making and participation in civic and cultural affairs.

Authentic use of technology by both our teachers and our students is an integral part of the teaching and learning at DMCA.