Grade 5 Curriculum

5th Grade

Fifth grade continues to emphasize the student’s role and responsibility in their academic success.  In preparation for Middle School, students learn to manage time, organize learning materials and work more independently with peers.


In religion, 5th grade gains a deeper understanding of the church’s faith traditions and our roll as Catholics in today’s society.  We do this through the study of the sacraments and scripture.  Students plan and participate in Mass as lectors, altar servers and participants in liturgy.

Language Arts & Reading

Language Arts is an integrated subject.  Students are provided multiple opportunities for cross curricular, research and writing projects.  The reading program provides a center based approach to literature through grammar, vocabulary, spelling, reading and writing skills.


Students learn to value the importance of math in daily life through real life applications.  Some examples are using measuring skills in science as well as collecting data and creating graphs.  They learn about time and money, which is applied to their social studies curriculum.  Fractions, fractions, fractions!


Students practice the skills of inquiry observation and investigation through participation in school and county Science Fairs.  Units covered include earth, life and physical science with the focus on the human body, animal adaptation, space and force and motion.

Social Studies

Fifth grade’s focus is on American History, pre Civil War.  Historical figures are presented through a living Wax Museum, which is well attended by parents and parishioners.  Students engage in revolutionary war simulators and virtually travel with Lewis and Clark, as well as explore the Oregon Trail.