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Curriculum Enrichment


As a Christian community, our relationship with the Lord informs and guides every day here at Divine Mercy.  We provide dedicated time each day in grades pre-kindergarten through eighth in which we encourage and assist children to explore more deeply …


The library is central to the learning process, providing Divine Mercy students with resources to foster a passion for learning as become independent critical readers, thinkers, and life-long researchers. Students explore knowledge within the covers of great books side by …


Goals and objectives for Music


Kindergarten students will explore the following musical topics by singing as well as variety of Orff instruments:

  • Expression: Be able to hear and perform loud and soft sounds.
  • Melody: Be able


Spanish classes are an integral part of the DMCA curriculum.   Exposure to the Spanish language begins in pre-kindergarten.  Students who attend DMCA through 8th grade consistently place into Spanish II as freshmen in high school.  Learning a second language …


The weekly technology course begins in kindergarten and continues through 8th grade. The course covers a range of topics which enable students to accomplish the following: learn and explore the basic parts and functions of a computer, become digital …


  • Collaboration with classroom teachers to reinforce curriculum
  • Incorporation of geography, culture, and history to provide a greater scope and understanding
  • Confidence building through personal expression

Primary – How Can We Make Art?

  • Introduction to art materials and techniques
  • Literature-focused art

Physical Education

In PreK-2nd Grade students develop their basic locomotors skills, such as hopping, skipping, galloping, running, leaping, and sliding.  They participate in various activities such as jumping rope, throwing, catching, and striking, using many different implements.  As well, they develop their …