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The library is central to the learning process, providing Divine Mercy students with resources to foster a passion for learning as become independent critical readers, thinkers, and life-long researchers. Students explore knowledge within the covers of great books side by side with the global information of the Internet.

Research skills emphasize critical evaluation of materials in order to sift through a wide range of information to find reliable, accurate, documented facts while maintaining an awareness of bias, opinion, and media influence. Students follow an inquiry-based process in seeking knowledge; they access reliable print, non-print and electronic resources; and they gain a working understanding of intellectual property rights.

Students are exposed to a wide variety of classical and multicultural literature in all of their forms and genres through read- alouds, writing projects, and group activities.
The library offers materials which inspire a love of reading while it facilitates teacher collaboration and supports the overall school curriculum. Students utilize library resources to complete assignments, explore ideas, and to select from a wide variety of recreational reading on many topics appropriate to grade level and ability.

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