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Middle School Science

At Divine Mercy Catholic Academy, we do not simply teach middle school science. We create an environment in which students feel safe to investigate the world, work with others, and make scientific decisions. Student experiences include Brevard County Science Fairs, Florida Science Olympiad, and Divine Mercy Space Day (sponsored by various Kennedy Space Center scientists and engineers).

In eighth grade, students explore physical science. This provides students with experiences and activities involving the fundamental concepts of chemistry, Newton’s laws, and energy. Areas of investigation include the periodic table, atomic interactions, motion, electricity, waves, and magnetism. This year of study is primarily devoted to developing engineering and problem-solving skills. For example, students learn to build and program robotic circuits and electromagnetic structures in order to apply scientific principles to real-world situations.

Seventh grade students study life science.  These students participate in exploration activities involving the fundamental concepts of life.  The field of study this year covers life’s structure and function, cellular biology, genetics, plants, animals, and ecology. Life science students also participate in a variety of hands-on field studies, such as Indian River Lagoon research and Florida Hammock plant studies.

In sixth grade, our young learners study earth science.  Earth science affords students exploratory experiences and activities involving the fundamental concepts of geologic time, plate tectonics, and climate. Students will also examine and focus on space, oceanography, rocks, minerals, and energy. Sixth grade students annually spend a day at Kennedy Space Center, learning more intimately about Florida’s space industry and economy.


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