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Christian Service

Anne’s Angels
Anne’s Angels is a ministry that knits and crochets prayer shawls and stoles for the people of the parish who are ill, homebound, in nursing homes, bereaved, or facing serious and difficult challenges. We provide every child baptized at Divine Mercy with a knitted or crocheted blanket as a welcoming gift from the parish family. We also make, and distribute chemo caps and lap robes. All items have been blessed by a priest from Divine Mercy. This ministry meets every non-holiday Monday in the Meeting House from 10:00 a.m.-noon.

The Bereavement Ministry is composed of members of Divine Mercy who provide whatever assistance is needed to someone after they experience the loss of a loved one. Bereavement Ministers contact the family, help with funeral home arrangements, help with planning the funeral Mass (selecting readings and music), attend the funeral Mass, and make follow-up calls. A unique, printed program is prepared for each funeral service by the parish. These Bereavement Ministers are committed to providing consolation and support. As Christians, we know that death is not an end but a beginning. Through death, we pass from this temporary life on earth to an eternal, glorious life in Heaven.

Ministry to the Sick
This ministry involves Divine Mercy parishioners who volunteer their time and talent to bring Holy Communion to those who are unable to attend Mass. This is a prayerful visit that brings a sense of connection to those unable to be present with the congregation. Ministers of the Sick visit residential homes, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and hospitals. Training is required, and is provided by the Diocese of Orlando. Training involves an eight-hour workshop, plus a four-hour workshop for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion. As Jesus said, “As I have washed your feet, now go forth and wash each others’ feet, in memory of me.”

Our Lady of Mercy Rosary Makers
The members of this ministry craft chain and cord-style rosaries. These rosaries are sent all over the world to the missions. If you enjoy fine jewelry crafting, and would like to share your time, and talent in extending God’s love to people throughout the world, then please consider joining this ministry. Training is provided for crafting with fashioning wire and using pliers. All are welcome.

Prayer Warriors
The prayer chain is a great service to others. Prayer requests often include deceased loved ones, those who are ill or suffer from chronic pain, and personal or special intentions. The prayer chain leader calls three members, they in turn call their contacts, and so on. The prayer chain members enjoy helping others in times of sadness, but they also enjoy hearing about improvements.

Society of St. Vincent de Paul
SVdP provides emergency food and clothing assistance to the needy people in our Merritt Island community. We also provide limited financial assistance, on an emergency basis, with rents, electricity, water, medical prescriptions, and other necessities. We accept donations of food, money, or in-kind services to help us help others. If you would like to provide financial assistance to the poor and needy in our community, please drop your financial contributions into the poor boxes in the church, or leave them in the church office. If you would like to donate nonperishable food items, you can leave them in the boxes outside the church entrance, or you can drop them off in the church office. If you would like to know more about our ministry or volunteer, please contact the church office. Help Us Help Others!


Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament takes place in the chapel on the First Friday of each month from 9:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m. This is a one-on-one experience with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, and to be in spiritual communion with him. During this time, there are at least three to four members present every hour. Currently, we have about 50 parishioners who commit to spend one hour in the presence of our Lord every month on the First Friday, so there is always a great need to have more parishioners volunteer during this time.

Altar Servers
Boys and girls 5th grade and older who have received their First Holy Communion are eligible to participate in this ministry. Servers assist the Presider at liturgies, and other sacramental celebrations and rites. Initial training is provided through a special training session, and ongoing training is provided by experienced servers during Masses. Participants should be reliable, and able to serve at least once a month.

Arts & Environment
Each member of the Arts & Environment ministry has special talents to give. As with most volunteer work, you receive so much more than you give. As a member of this ministry, you: learn and develop a deeper appreciation for the history and symbolism used in the Catholic arts; meet and cooperate in constructive and creative ways with fellow parishioners; get a closer experience with the worship space both during Mass, and in the quieter times while setting up; and you get insight into the work and devotion it takes for all of the various ministries to make Divine Mercy the wonderful parish that it is. If you like hands-on, creative work, then please consider this ministry.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion
The Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion help serve communion at all Masses and liturgies where a Communion Service is held. Several teams cover each of the weekend and daily Masses, and are led by a team captain. Team captains have a special role in working with the Sacristans to ensure setup prior to Mass, as well as cleaning and storing the sacred vessels after Mass. The requirement to become an Extraordinary Minister at Divine Mercy is to be a registered parishioner, 16 years of age, and approved by the Pastor. A four-hour workshop presented by the Orlando Diocesan Office of Liturgy is the required training before the commissioning of Eucharistic Ministers. Anyone new to our parish community who already has a mandate from their previous diocese only needs approval by our Pastor to serve at Divine Mercy. A time of reflection sponsored by the Diocese is required every two years for the certificate to remain current.

The Marthas at Divine Mercy keep our Church and Chapel clean. We dust, vacuum the pews and carpeted areas, clean and replace the holy water, and clean the glass in the narthex and chapel. We have four teams; each team takes care of one section of the church, all teams maintain the chapel. Each team meets on Thursday at 9:00 a.m., and cleans one day every four weeks for two to three hours. If you would like to volunteer your time to be one of “God’s Housekeepers,” then come join a Martha team.

Ministers of Hospitality (Ushers)
Ushers welcome and assist in seating all who enter the church for Mass, especially visitors. Ushers offer assistance as needed and ensure Communion can be received by those unable to leave their seats; help in preparing the offering table; invite members of the congregation to present the offertory gifts; receive the offertory collection; hand out bulletins; and help keep the church an inviting place to worship. Orientation training for new participants is provided.

Ministers of the Word (Lectors)
This ministry provides for the prayerful and powerful proclamation of the Word of God at Sunday Masses, and for special liturgical celebrations. You must be a person of great faith, and devotion to God’s Word. You need to be able to project your voice, modulate your rate of speech, effectively use a microphone, use careful and proper enunciation, make appropriate eye contact, use proper posture, and use gestures without overdoing it. You will be asked to read at Mass once a month or more. You are required to attend periodic workshops and training sessions, and audition is required. If you strive to make the Word come alive for the listeners, then you may be called to this particular ministry.

Music Ministry
If you are interested in or need more information about any of the following music choirs/ensembles, please call Carol Ponder, Director of Music at the parish office. It promises to be fun, challenging, and exciting!

Being a cantor involves much more than standing up and singing alone. It involves making the assembly’s prayer possible through song. The cantor has the responsibility for any songs or hymns that require solo passages, leading the assembly in a recurring refrain, and inviting the assembly to join voices in hymns used throughout the Mass. Cantors rehearse once a week on Wednesday at 5:30 p.m.

Enjoy a spirit of caring and friendship as the choir sings in beautiful four part harmony! Rehearse every Tuesday from 6:30 p.m.-7:45 p.m. Sing Sundays at the 9:30 a.m. Mass.

The Contemporary Choir
No age requirements! Young and not-so-young join together with a love of singing, fellowship, and praising the Lord! Rehearse every Thursday from 7:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m. Sing Sundays at the 11:30 a.m. Mass.

Youth Choir
The children share together in music, prayer, and fun! (Grades 3-8). Rehearse every Tuesday from 3:00 p.m.-4:30 p.m. Sing once a month at the 4:30 p.m. Saturday Vigil Mass. Sing during Friday School Masses.

Resurrection Choir
The Resurrection Choir is a valuable ministry that provides music for funeral liturgies. This ministry provides an excellent opportunity to minister to a grieving family. It is open to anyone who wishes to minister in song. Rehearsals are 30 minutes before the funeral.

Hand Bell Choir
Come and enjoy being a part of our seasonal rehearsals as we prepare for our very special Liturgies of Christmas Eve Midnight Mass and Easter! Rehearse Thursday evenings from 6:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m. Ability to read music is NOT required!

Musicians are an added treat for us! You may choose to join a choir and play each week, or you may want to enhance our seasonal Masses for Christmas and Easter. Either way, we would love to have you as a part of our Music Ministry!

Media Ministry
Please consider joining the Media Ministry! It is a very rewarding experience to know you play an integral part in helping our Community worship together through the use of technology! Media volunteers choose which Mass time works best for their schedule, and do the Media at one or two Masses per month. When you volunteer for Media, you are still able to participate at that Mass, receive Communion, and fulfill your Sunday obligation!

Sacristans ensure that the worship space is properly and adequately prepared for the celebration of Mass, and other liturgical rites and celebrations. They ensure that an adequate supply of items is available for use, such as wine, breads, linens, candles, ritual books, vestments, and vessels. Sacristans oversee setup for the Eucharistic Ministers and serve as liaison with the Art and  environment Ministry. They may serve for just a particular Mass or become trained to share the overall responsibility of this ministry. Basis training is provided to orientate new participants with the Sacristy area and procedures. Currently, there is a special need for a School Mass head sacristan to attend to the duties after the School Mass each Friday.

Stewardship Committee
The Stewardship Committee encourages an awareness and sharing of God-given gifts to enrich, and strengthen, the Divine Mercy parish family and community. We promote ministries and parish activities that encourage fellowship and stewardship through the use of our parish bulletin, social media, homilies, prayers of the faithful, witnessing, ministry fairs, and printed materials; and we work closely with the pastor to facilitate the implementation of all short- and long-term goals. The Stewardship Committee meets eight times a year on the first Monday of the month at 6:00 p.m. (we do not meet in December, June, July, or August).

Adult Spiritual Formation

Centering Prayer
This ministry meets every Thursday to experience prayer in a silent and contemplative way. The goal of contemplative prayer is a mystical union with God. Centering Prayer fosters a personal relationship with God by quieting our faculties to cooperate with the gift of God within us. The Divine Mercy Centering Prayer Group is part of the Central Florida Contemplative Outreach organization, and meets Thursday in the Meeting House at 1 p.m. to accommodate those who are not comfortable driving at night, and at 7 p.m. in the school Faculty Room for those who work during the day.

Charismatic Prayer Group
This group meets every Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. in the Academy’s Art Room. We come together to share in the joy of Pentecost through an outpouring of new life in the Holy Spirit. As inspired by the Holy Spirit, we worship and praise Jesus through joyful music and song, and in loving communion with one another using the charisms expressed in 1 Corinthians 12:7-11.

Retreats/Spiritual Enrichment
The primary purpose and goal of this ministry is to provide opportunities for all parishioners to grow in their personal relationship with God through participation in retreats, mornings of reflection, and/or spiritual direction. Committee members may participate in any of the following ways in the weeks leading up to retreats: preparing materials, purchasing or preparing food, setting up the environment, assisting with registration before and after Masses, and facilitating discussions in small groups. The Retreat Committee meets as needed prior to retreats, and mornings of reflection.

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)
This is an ongoing process of discernment for those inquirers wishing to learn more about the Catholic faith through a spiritual journey and rites of acceptance, election, initiation, and welcoming. We are always in need of parishioners to serve as sponsors to accompany catechumen and candidates during the RCIA journey by attending sessions, and sharing their faith experience. Those who can serve as catechists to lead the catechumen and candidates through the process are also needed. One three-hour workshop is provided to train participants in the four stages of the RCIA conversion process. For more information, please click the Faith Formation tab at the top of this web page.

Share the Word
Started by Sister Mary Butler when Vatican II requested scripture study be facilitated by parish members other than priests, Share the Word is Divine Mercy’s longest standing scripture study gathering. It is based on the Paulist’s “Share the Word Sunday-To-Sunday” video which provides background, insight, and inspiration into the Liturgy of the Word Sunday Readings; the Catechism of the Catholic Church citations; Florida Catholic’s Sunday Word reflection; Fr. Robert Barron’s “Word on Fire” Sunday Homilies; Fr. Matt’s commentary from the church bulletin; and sharing from the group. Share the word provides a full immersion into the Sunday Mass readings, and a chance to reflect on how to respond to God’s Word.

Small Christian Communities (SCC)
These are groups of 8 to 16 adults who come together weekly or twice monthly, usually in each others homes, to share their faith through the reading of the Sunday Scriptures. Members help one another to grow in the love of the Lord by sharing their everyday life experiences and making the connection to their faith. Small Christian Communities is not just about meeting individual needs. The growth experienced by individual members becomes evident in building up the parish community, strengthening the life and mission of the parish, and giving beyond the Church community to our neighborhood communities and the rest of the world. If you are seeking a place where you can come to know the love of God in a very personal way, then you will want to be part of a Small Christian Community group. For more information, please click the Faith Formation tab at the top of this web page.

The Great Adventure Bible Study
This ministry is about opening the Word of God to all who attend in a new and exciting way. As a ministry member, you will help with various tasks to make the studies run smoothly. Belonging to this ministry means that you must commit to attending the scheduled studies which are usually held on Monday nights from 7:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m. throughout the year.

Religious Education for Youth

Divine Mercy Catholic Academy
The Mission of Divine Mercy Catholic Academy is to teach life-long Catholic values and to provide a quality education in the disciplined, Christian environment to students in Pre-K through 8th grade. Through Catholic education, Divine Mercy Catholic Academy seeks to nourish the Mercy charism of hospitality, compassion, and love among the community of faculty, students, parents, and volunteers. Divine Mercy Catholic Academy welcomes volunteers in the following support areas: lunch program serving, tutoring, reading grannies, library aide, car give-away, grant writing, school publicity, public relations/marketing, web page design, and graphic artists.

Religious Education Pre-K through 5th Grade
This ministry supports religious education of Pre-K through 5th grade public school children. Classes are held on Wednesday evening from 6:00 p.m.-7:15 p.m. in the school. Our religious education program is based on a Christ-centered catechesis. Using the series by Sadlier, We Believe, we strive to assist parents and families in their faith formation. We want children to see their faith connection to the entire parish community, and that growth in this area is a life-long learning experience. Diocesan training classes are available for those persons wanting to serve as catechists. For more information, please click the Faith Formation tab at the top of this web page.

Youth Ministry
Divine Mercy Youth Ministry strives to: connect with our youth in a way that fuels their passion for God; empower young people to live as disciples of Jesus Christ in our world today; draw young people to responsible participation in the life, mission, and work of the Catholic faith community; and foster the total personal and spiritual growth of each young person. Youth Ministry is comprised of two groups: EPIC is for Middle School students, and CIA is for High School students. Those wishing to volunteer their time and talent by serving as chaperons or drivers, and helping with fund-raising events, are most welcome to join this ministry. For more information, please click the Faith Formation tab at the top of this web page.

Vacation Bible School
Vacation Bible School is a week-long program held each year in June for children 4 years of age through 4th grade. Each day, the children take part in fun, scripture-themed activities that help them connect their faith to their life. Each year a different theme is chosen, and the activities for the week are centered around this theme. High School students and adults are needed in various support areas to plan and present this very special program, so if you have a love for the Word and enjoy working with children, please consider joining this fun-filled ministry. For more information, please click the Faith Formation tab at the top of this web page.

Parish and Family Life

The Bingo ministry prides itself on our friendly kitchen staff to serve hot foods, snacks, and drinks to our Bingo customers. Bingo is played every Tuesday evening in the Dome. We play a total of 32 games of regular Bingo, and five Early Bird games. Early bird start at 6:00 p.m., and the regular session starts at 7:00 p.m. We are usually finished by 10:30 p.m. We are considered the friendliest bingo game in Brevard County, and we always need reliable, full-time help to set up Bingo supplies and the Bingo machine, turn on the monitors, sell cards, call Bingo, call back winning cards, and tidy the hall at closing.

Coffee & Donuts
Volunteers from the various Parish Ministries assist in the setup; serving of coffee, juice, and donuts; and clean-up of the Social Hall at the Sunday morning reception after the 8:00 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. Masses. This is a vital service of hospitality for the Parish, and a great way to become familiar with other members of the community. All are invited to join this ministry of hospitality.

Council of Catholic Women (CCW)
This group meets the third Wednesday evening of each month (September through April). As part of the National CCW, our parish council endeavors to support, empower, and educate Catholic women in spirituality, leadership, and service. It also provides social activities for the members.

Lenten Soup & Bread Supper
During the Lenten season, Divine Mercy parishioners and their friends gather in the Social Hall on Fridays for a soup and bread supper, followed by the Stations of the Cross or a spiritual formation video program. The members of this ministry group provide nourishment by cooking and serving two different kinds of soup for approximately 100 – 120 people, while also giving people time to socialize and become family. This soup and bread supper also provides sustenance for people on low incomes. Lenten Soup & Bread Supper has been an ongoing ministry since 1984, so if you feel called to feed the body as well as the spirit, then please come and join the chefs of “Soup de Jour” during Lent.

Moms & Tots
Parents of young children get together to offer support and companionship for one another. This provides an opportunity for young children to interact and participate in age-appropriate activities. If you have a need for this type of social activity, please come and see for yourself and join in the fun.

This is a ministry of people who contact all new parishioners to welcome them into our Parish and answer any questions that they may have. The committee also hosts a new parishioner Welcoming Reception throughout the year. This is an opportunity for people to meet, get acquainted with other community members, and familiarize themselves with the various ministries of the Parish. If you feel called to serve as a Minister of Welcome, then come and join our team.

W.I.N.G.S. (When In Need Give Support)
This ministry provides an understanding atmosphere for people who have suffered the loss of a loved one through death. The members of this group are given an opportunity to meet new people, bond with one another, and open their hearts to each other. Once a month we go out to lunch for those people having birthdays during the month. Our social events are centered around luncheons for members who don’t like to drive at night. If you have lost a loved one and need a group of compassionate people to help “lift you up on Eagles Wings,” then please contact us.

Parish Administration and Maintenance

Facilities Maintenance
The Maintenance Supervisor is in need of volunteers to help with maintenance of the parish facilities a few hours a week. Please call the Parish Office if you are interested in being of service in this area.

Gardening Angels
The members of this group help maintain and beautify the Church grounds. We do seasonal planting, weeding, trimming, flower bed rotation, and landscape design. If you can give a few hours of your time on Saturday mornings, we certainly welcome those who can lend a hand (or a “green thumb”).

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