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Second Grade Curriculum

2nd gradeWe offer a rigorous academic curriculum based on 21st Century Skills. We provide our students with a research based, developmentally appropriate curriculum.

Reading & Language Arts Development

  • Decodes new words using meaning, structure, and phonetic analysis.
  • Uses more complex spellings and sounds (ex: ough, dge).
  • Uses higher-level thinking for reading comprehension (ex: inference, cause and effect)
  • Reads chapter books independently
  • Responds to reading in a variety of ways (ex: self-or-group developed plays)
  • Uses age appropriate grammar
  • Spells phonetic words and basic sight words correctly
  • Writes complete responses to questions or prompts
  • Expands on creative writing skills
  • Writes with a beginning, middle and ending
  • Is able to produce a combination of text, type and purpose in writing
  • Uses topic sentences and supporting details
  • Writes for a variety of purposes and audiences
  • Presents knowledge and ideas while speaking
  • Uses research to build and present knowledge on topics
  • Writes cursive letters and understands how to join letters

2ndReligious Development

  • Understands and celebrates the Sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion
  • Knows God is the creator of all and that He loves us
  • Knows about responsibility to the Church, God and others around them
  • Knows The Ten Commandments and Jesus’ Great Commandment
  • Knows about Mary and the Rosary
  • Knows the religious holidays and Church Seasons
  • Understands that the Church is the Body of Christ
  • Knows parts of the Mass and Responses
  • Participates in liturgical celebrations.
  • Knows the seven Sacraments
  • Knows various types of prayer and the common Catholic prayers

Math Development

  • Develop an understanding of base-ten numerations system and place-value concepts
  • Develop quick recall of addition facts and related subtraction facts and fluency with multi-digit addition and subtraction
  • Develops an understanding of place value
  • Develop an understanding of measurement and estimation in standard units
  • Develop an understanding of equal groups of objects to gain a foundation for multiplication
  • Develop knowledge of geometric shapes and relationships
  • Tell time to the nearest 5 minutes and to calculate elapsed time
  • Count money and make change using coins and dollars

2nd 1Science Development

  • Develop a student’s natural curiosity about his/her surrounding environment
  • Provide developmental and hands-on activities which emphasize both process skills and development of scientific knowledge
  • Use scientific inquiry to pose questions, seek answers, and develop solutions
  • Understands and applies age appropriate scientific vocabulary
  • Develop the science process skills of observation, classification, and communication
  • Various topics covered include: space and earth structures, the development of living organisms, relationships between matter, energy and motion, physical and chemical changes, personal health and nutrition, and weather.

Social Studies Development

  • Develop student’s knowledge and understanding of historical events
  • Develop skills for understanding and applying age-appropriate map skills
  • Develop citizenship skills and an appreciation for their country
  • Develop a basic understanding of economics
  • Supply and demand
  • Goods and services
  • Provide students with skills for productive problem solving and decision making
  • Develop an understanding of democratic terms of justice and equality, especially in terms of family, classroom, and community

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