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PK3, PK4 and VPK in Merritt Island

PKWe offer a rigorous academic curriculum based on 21st Century Skills.  We provide our students with a research based, developmentally appropriate curriculum based on the Florida Early Learning and Developmental Standards for Four-Year-Olds.

Curriculum Areas

  1. Language, Communication, and Emergent Literacy
    • Phonological awareness (knowledge of the sound structure of words and language – i.e. rhyming, sound counting in words and sentences, sound manipulation in words).
    • Awareness of letters and their sounds.
    • Awareness of book and basic story structure.
    • Speaking and listening skills.
    • Beginning writing through dictation, pictures, and letter-like shapes, symbols, and letters.
  2. PK3Approaches to Learning
    • Abilities to use curiosity, persistence, creativity, planning and reflection.
  3. Religion
    • Understanding of Catholic beliefs and prayers.
  4. Physical Development
    • Gross motor skills for increased balance and coordination.
    • Fine motor skills to perform small muscle tasks and to control writing, drawing, and art tools.
  5. Social and Emotional Development
    • Social skills needed to function independently and cooperatively.
  6. PK (2)Cognitive Development and General Knowledge (Math, Science, Social Studies, Art)
    • Understanding of counting and one-to-one correspondence.
    • Understanding of spoken and written numbers and quantity.
    • Understanding of patterns and non-patterns.
    • Understanding of basic measurement skills and tools.
    • Ability to recognize two and three dimensional shapes and their attributes.
    • Basic understanding of addition and subtraction.
    • Ability to solve simple problems.
    • Awareness of science and social studies topics.
    • Awareness of visual and musical art, creative movement and dramatic play

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