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Guidance And Counseling Program



The Divine Mercy Catholic School Guidance Program is a developmental program consistent with expected stages of learning, and is based on the needs of every student. It is proactive, preventive and comprehensive in nature encompassing all grade levels and systematically addresses the academic, personal, social and spiritual needs of students.




Our mission is to facilitate a Christ-centered environment which maximizes student potential and academic achievement.


Guidance at Divine Mercy Catholic School is a cooperative effort involving counselor, administration, teachers, families and parish community, which promotes a caring, nurturing atmosphere for students to meet with daily challenges and make positive life choices.




The guidance program at Divine Mercy is implemented through a variety of settings by appropriate individuals. These may include counselor, teachers, parents and community volunteers. Large group, small group and individual teaching or counseling may be utilized.


Topics addressed through the guidance program include: problem solving skills, conflict resolution, personal safety, study skills, drug awareness and prevention, anti-bullying skills, communication skills, career and self-awareness.



Additional student services include:

Academic and behavioral screenings


Learning profiles
Individual profiles are done on students so as to help them discover their preferred learning style, multiple intelligences and brain dominance empowering them to recognize their strengths and overcome weaknesses.



Neurofeedback Training

The Interactive Metronome© is a computer based training device shown to improve attention, timing, concentration and coordination in children with a wide range of academic, cognitive, behavioral and physical difficulties including AD/HD.


Play Attention© is an integrated learning system built on NASA technology which allows students to view their attentive state in real time. Over time students can train their brain to gain focus, improve concentration, and pay attention.


Brain Gym©

Exercises are developed for students and are incorporated into classrooms thereby strengthening neural pathways located throughout the brain.


Level Team Meetings

The counselor meets weekly with grade level teams to discuss student needs and support.


Peer Tutoring and Mentoring

Selected middle school students are trained each year to work as tutors and/or mentors with lower grade students both inside and outside of the classroom.


Referral Process

DMCA follows the process set forth by the State of Florida and works in conjunction with Brevard County Public schools in following the Multi Tiered System of Support process for students experiencing learning difficulties.


Standardized Testing

Students in grade 2 – 8 take the Iowa Assessments in the spring of every year. Data provided is used to track and measure individual student progress and guide teacher instruction.



Parent Support

Parent consultation and conference attendance

Parent Library

A variety of books, tapes, cd’s and dvd’s are located in the Student Services room. Parents are free to come in and browse and to check out materials as needed.


Love and Logic Mini Notes

Love and Logic© newsletters with facts, tips and strategies on various topics for parents are delivered bi-weekly via the school’s mini-notes. Parenting Sessions are offered throughout the year.


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